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Altium has been very flexible and willing to invest and do some things within their network to satisfy us.

Chief Operating Officer Beverage Company

Through the pandemic, through a variety of supply chain challenges, we have had problems of every kind and Altium has been a rock. We’ve had virtually nothing that looks like a blip or a hiccup over the last couple of years. They have really truly been our partner.

Vice President, Operations Specialty Chemical Company

In our world, local manufacturing is crucial. Logistics play a significant role in what we do. Altium’s footprint of manufacturing facilities aligns nicely with where we have our strong customer bases.

Executive Vice President Packaging Distribution Partner

Every time I reach out to someone at Altium, no matter what the level is, people are very responsive to getting back to me, which is important. It’s something that helps me understand that we are in important customer to Altium.

Chief Operating Officer Beverage Company

We’ve used Altium’s design services and have been to the design lab. We redesigned nearly our entire package portfolio over a period of 3 years and Altium’s services and capabilities were spectacular. We would do it again if needed!

Vice President, Operations Specialty Chemical Company

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    An organization backed by over 100 years of experience, over 60 plants in the U.S. and Canada, and approximately 3,000 employees.

    Altium Packaging: Redefining Fresno Plastic Packaging for Diverse Industries

    Altium Packaging – Pioneering Plastic Packaging Innovations

    Altium Packaging, known for its trailblazing contributions to the plastic packaging landscape, offers exciting possibilities for industries across Fresno, California. With a commitment to quality, durability, and sustainability, Altium’s plastic packaging solutions have the potential to revolutionize local industry operations, safeguarding products and enhancing overall efficiency.

    How Agriculture Could Harness Plastic Packaging

    As the agricultural hub of California, Fresno’s industries could significantly benefit from Altium Packaging’s plastic solutions. By safeguarding crops and produce during storage and transit, Altium’s robust packaging could mitigate spoilage and waste. Furthermore, its weather-resistant packaging would ensure that Fresno’s agricultural bounty reaches consumers and markets in prime condition.

    Potential Impact on the Food and Beverage Industry

    Altium’s innovative packaging solutions also present opportunities for Fresno’s flourishing food and beverage industry. By providing hygienic, durable, and temperature-resistant plastic packaging, Altium could play a pivotal role in preserving food quality and enhancing customer experience. Plus, Altium’s focus on sustainability could enable these businesses to meet consumers’ growing demand for environmentally-friendly practices.

    Revolutionizing Retail with Plastic Packaging

    The thriving retail sector in Fresno could similarly capitalize on Altium Packaging’s offerings. From protecting goods during shipping to enhancing in-store product presentation, Altium’s customizable and high-quality plastic packaging could contribute significantly to retail success. The use of sustainable packaging could also boost businesses’ green credentials, aligning with the increasing emphasis on eco-friendly operations.

    Benefits for Manufacturing with Advanced Packaging

    The diverse manufacturing sector in Fresno could also leverage the benefits of Altium Packaging’s plastic solutions. With industries ranging from electronics to consumer goods, the need for reliable packaging is universal. Altium’s durable, versatile, and lightweight packaging solutions could effectively protect products during manufacturing, storage, and transportation, enhancing operational efficiency and product integrity.

    Sustainable Plastic Packaging: The Future for Fresno Industries

    Altium Packaging’s commitment to sustainability further underscores its potential significance for Fresno’s industries. By utilizing recycled materials and adhering to environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, they could support businesses in their quest to reduce environmental impact. This sustainability focus is more important than ever as industries strive to meet regulatory requirements and align with consumer expectations for greener practices.


    The potential for Altium Packaging to reshape Fresno, California’s diverse industrial landscape is vast. Their advanced, sustainable plastic packaging solutions could safeguard products, enhance operational efficiency, and support sustainability goals across the region. By aligning with the unique needs and ambitions of Fresno’s industries, Altium Packaging could play a crucial role in shaping a more prosperous and sustainable future for the region.